On 11 April, Dr Federica Moretti gave a paper in the seminar “Des sources aux systèmes d’information géographique : des outils pour la cartographie dans les humanités numériques”.

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The paper “Knowledge scapes in social welfare practices for children” presents the case study of the Kannerschlass,  Luxembourg, by analysing the spatiality of conceptual transnational spaces through the network of exchanges among practitioners, concepts and practices connecting Luxembourg with other countries and localities across Europe and the US. This network constitutes a conceptual space that goes beyond national borders and connects theories and practices of people developing a shared perspective on children social care.

The yearly seminar is organised by the Laboratoire DYPAC UVSQ/Dlab SHS Paris-Saclay, the CNRS TSE-R and the Service Ingénierie Recherche de l’Université de Limoges.

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