Laura Borgese

Call for Papers – Religion and Welfare in the European Borderlands from the late 19th Century to the Present

The ERC SOCIOBORD and “Who cares in Europe?” Cost Action’s conference Social assistance was originally designed according to religious norms. The supremacy of religious providers was then challenged by the emergence of statutory schemes of provision. During the last two decades one can observe a growing research interest in the role of religion in past […]

Professor Laura L. Downs gives a lecture in the framework of the HEC Department Colloquia.

9 February 2022 – 5 pm, Via zoom  This paper briefly presents the main overarching themes and questions that drive the Sociobord ERC project. It then explores several thorny methodological challenges that have arisen along the way, grounding the discussion in concrete elements of the PI’s own research on the Northeastern Adriatic borderlands, 1890s-1950s To […]