Dominika Gruziel

Project Manager and Senior Research Fellow

Email: [email protected]

She holds a PhD from Central European University. She has contributed forcefully to the conceptualization of this project and has a vast, key knowledge of our research topic. Her interests include the history of gender and women’s movements, modern history, religious studies, gender studies, and social movement studies. Dr Gruziel will collaborate with Dr Tatiana Zhurzhenko in designing the research on the Galician borderland. She will also coordinate case studies on children and working-class women in 1870s-1930s Galicia. Finally, she will further her own research on Catholic confessional Roman and Greeco Catholic associations in Galicia while serving the project more generally as an expert on gender, religious history and social movement mobilizations. Beside research related tasks, Dr Gruziel will also serve as project coordinator. She is currently finishing a monograph on the mobilization of the Catholic laity for social change in the lands of Partitioned Poland from the 1870s until 1918.