Prof. dr. Marta Verginella is a Full Professor of Theory of History at the Department of History of the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, the principal investigator on the ERC project EIRENE: Post-war transitions in gendered perspective: the case of the North-Eastern Adriatic region. She has published numerous monographs and articles on the subject of border studies, memory studies and nations studies. She conducted pioneering work on social and cultural history of North Adriatic area, specifically on the history of women.

She also led and coordinated various research projects such as  The legal and political history of women in the Slovene lands,  Women and Borders, and  Women and the First World War. Between her numerous monographs, selected works: Il confine degli altri: la questione giuliana e la memoria slovena [The Border of the Others: the Julian March Question and the Slovene Memory] Rome 2008, La guerra di Bruno: l’ identità di confine di un antieroe triestino e sloveno [Bruno’s war: the border identity of the Triestine and Slovene anti-hero]  Rome 2015; Terre e lasciti. Pratiche testamentarie nel contado triestino tra Otto e Novecento, Trieste 2016.