Pamela Ballinger holds the Fred Cuny Chair in the History of Human Rights at the University of Michigan. Trained in anthropology and history (B.A. Anthropology, Stanford University; M.Phil Social Anthropology, Cambridge University; M.A. Anthropology, Johns Hopkins University; Ph.D. History and Anthropology, Johns Hopkins University), she has held academic appointments in both disciplines. Much of her work has focused on the region comprising the former Italo-Yugoslav border, as well as the place of colonial repatriates and other national refugees in Italy during the Cold War. She is the author of History in Exile: Memory and Identity at the Borders of the Balkans (Princeton University Press, 2003), La Memoria dell’Esilio (Veltro, 2010), and The World Refugees Made: Decolonization and the Foundation of Postwar Italy (Cornell University Press, 2020). She is currently conducting research for a new book project, tentatively entitled Materializing Empire: Infrastructures of Italian Fascism. She has published widely on human rights, humanitarianism, refugees, fascism, seascapes, and modern Mediterranean and Balkan history.