Silvia Salvatici teaches Modern History at the University of Milan. She was Honorary Research Fellow at the School of History, Classics and Archaeology of Birkbeck College, Associate Research Fellow at the Italian Academy at Columbia University and Fernand Braudel Senior Fellow at the European University Institute. In 2011 she was Susan Currier Visiting Professor for Teaching Excellence in Gender and Humanitarianism, College of Liberal Arts, California Polytechnic State University. She is Principal Investigator of the project ‘Republican Italy and international aid, 1945-1989’ funded by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research.

Her recent research interests focus on refugees in the contemporary age and the history of humanitarianism. Among her publications: A History of Humanitarianism 1755-1989. In the name of Others, Manchester, MUP, 2019; ‘Il genere, la storia e i refugee studies’, in E. Asquer, A. Bellavitis, G. Calvi, I. Chabot, C. La Rocca, M. Martini (dir.), Ving-cinq ans après : Les femmes au rendez-vous de l’histoire, Rome, École française de Rome; ‘Fighters without guns: humanitarianism and military action in the aftermath of the Second World War’, European Review of History, 25/2 (2018).