Iryna Sklokina

Research Associate

Email: [email protected] 


Iryna Sklokina is a historian, PhD (2014). Graduated from V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University (2008). From 2015, she is a research associate at the Center for Urban History in Lviv where her research is focused on company towns of Donbas, Soviet and industrial heritage, museums and memory cultures. She co-authored and co-edited a book “Labor, Exhaustion, and Success: Company Towns of Donbas” (2018, with Volodymyr Kulikov) and special issue of “Region” journal “Donbas Imaginaries: Heritage, Culture, Communities” (2021, with Victoria Donovan). She participated in several projects focused on cultural heritage and regionalism, including “OpenHeritage (Organizing, Promoting and Enabling Heritage Re-Use Through Inclusion, Technology, Access, Governance and Empowerment)”, “Un/Archiving Post/Industry: Engaging Heritage and Developing Cultural Infrastructures”, “Region, Nation and Beyond. An Interdisciplinary and Transcultural Reconceptualization of Ukraine”.

In the framework of SOCIOBORD project, Iryna is a postdoc researcher and conducts research on the social provision for the working-class women in Galician (Polish-Ukrainian) borderland. Her special case study is a tobacco factory in Vynnyky near Lviv (founded in 1778 under Habsburg rule as a state-owned enterprise and exists till today). The most important research questions are how special the state monopoly is in providing social welfare, to which extent socialism differed from other forms of nationalized economies, how gender dimensions impacted welfare system, and what was the impact of the border on welfare under different political regimes.