John Paul NEWMAN

Research Associate

Email: [email protected] 

He is Senior Lecturer in Twentieth-century European History at Maynooth University. He completed his PhD at the University of Southampton and was an ERC Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the project ‘Paramilitary Violence after the Great War (2008-2011).’  His research focuses on the modern history of the Balkans and East-Central Europe (Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Czechoslovakia), war veterans, paramilitary violence, victorious societies and cultures of war victory in twentieth century Europe and the intersections of national and imperial identities in nineteenth-century Central Europe. Dr Newman is the author of the monograph Yugoslavia in the Shadow of War 1903-1945: Veterans and the Limits of State Building (2018), and co-editor of several collective volumes. Dr Newman will collaborate with the PI in designing the research on the North-eastern Adriatic borderlands, and will coordinate and research case studies on social mobilizations around veterans, 1870s-1940s.